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Dear GPYC Family,

We have a very unique situation at the Club. We are family– a small, closed group not open to the public–and will take care of our members by remaining open, elevating spirits as a community, and serving great food and drink as we hunker down at the GPYC “Neighborhood Bunker”. 

We feel a deep responsibility to protect the health and safety of our members and community. With regard to the COVID-19 virus, we are choosing to err on the side of caution by elevating our protocol for food and safety standards and want you to know the things we consistently do to assure your safety. This is above and beyond the substantial health and sanitation procedures we already follow and which are already mandated in the food and beverage industry.

Prior to each and every opening on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, our cleaning crew wipes down all hard surfaces with a disinfectant including bleach (we have been doing this as standard procedure but are being even more diligent). Throughout the night, we have elevated the frequency of disinfecting all hard surfaces of the beverage and food stations and public areas of the club as part of our regular routine using disposable supplies and high level antibacterial and viral disinfectant and bleach for all areas. All menus, hard surfaces, counters, doors, touch screens, and rest rooms are wiped down throughout the night and sprayed with anti-bacterial and viral spray.

Our staff is required to wash and disinfect their hands regularly especially after collecting used glassware and dishes and prior to serving meals and beverages. We have removed the salt and pepper shakers from the tables. Disposable salt and pepper packets will be provided. 

Let’s all work together during this time. We ask our members not to come to GPYC if any of the following apply:

  • If you have been sick with flu-like symptoms, even mildly, please avoid visiting until cleared by a doctor.
  • If you have any of these symptoms, no matter how mild: a headache, a fever, sore throat, a cough or sneeze, shortness of breath, or unexplained tiredness.
  • If within the past 14 days you have been on a cruise ship where even one case of coronavirus was reported.
  • If you have traveled to any known corona virus hotspot within the last 14 days (currently China, Italy, South Korea, Iran) or have been in close contact with anyone who is sick.

Our actions are informed by the most knowledgeable sources available to us, such as CDC, NIH, WHO, Massachusetts Department of Health, and local health officials. We are monitoring their guidance daily and will update our plans accordingly.

We care deeply about our GPYC family and wish all members to continue to be healthy throughout this challenging time. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Take care,
Kevin and the GPYC Staff